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Microwave Neck Warmer

Microwave Neck Warmer – Microwave Brownie Recipe.

Microwave Neck Warmer

microwave neck warmer

microwave neck warmer – Aroma Home

Aroma Home Aromatherapy Microwaveable Neck Wraps – Pink Hot Neck
Aroma Home Aromatherapy Microwaveable Neck Wraps - Pink Hot Neck
Hot Neck gently moulds to the contours of your neck and shoulders to help relieve sore muscles and stiffness. Simply heat our cosy neck warmers in a microwave to help shake off those aches and pains. May help to relieve headaches, tension and anxiety. All Aroma Home products are designed and manufactured using natural products and pure essential oils where possible, to bring a sense of well-being to you and your home. Made with 100% pure cotton. Insert filled with natural wheat grain and pure essential oils. Outer cover can be removed and cleaned per instructions. Follow heating instructions on packaging and on calico wheat bag. In time aroma may need replenishing, add a few drops of pure essential oil onto the cushion after heating. Choose: LAVENDER with Lavender essential oils, PINK with Rose, Neroli & Lavender essential oils or BURGUNDY with Lavender and Geranium essential oils


The lounge was empty when I arrived for my first day. The manager, Louis, told me to wait for him in the lobby so that we could get some paper work out of the way. I brought my social security card with me so that he could make a photo copy but he wasn’t around at the time he’d say he’d be.

I picked up a Sports Illustrated magazine and bought a candy bar from the vending machine. I sat down on a metal fold out chair at a one of the two plastic tables. I looked at my watch; it was 7:30, I had half an hour to go until work started. I was hired for the night shift. Everyone had gone home at six.

I read a few pages a few pages from an article about the great year the Giants had before they won the World Series back in October.

The job wasn’t ideal but I needed the money. I need to pay for my health insurance, which I was behind on and I needed to pay George back for the money he loaned me. I was very glad he did. Though he didn’t mention it for a time, it had been two months and I wanted to pay him back as soon as I could. I was ready to work hard, whether my body was failing me or not.

A woman came into the lounge from the office hallway. She went to the machine and bought a plain Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, the same one I got from D-19.

“Do you mind?” she said, putting her purse down before I even answered.
“Not at all.”
“Are you new here?” she said. She took a glass Tupperware container out of a tote bag and set it in the microwave.
“Yeah. I’m starting today, I’m working the night-shift.”
“Another vampire joins the fray. There aren’t too many people at night, but they’re fun. Have you met Jimmy?”
“I haven’t.”
“You’ll like him.”
“I hope so. What about you?”
“No. Not me. I use to, but they they switched me over. It’s an adjustment; now I take viola classes at night.” She was leaning against the counter with her arms crossed.
I put the magazine away.
“I hope you don’t mind. Dinner.”
“Tough life huh?”
She laughed. “Not really. But, there’s not enough time. Class are at eight, I don’t have time to make it home.”
“Where are you taking it?”
“Sacramento City College. It works out well though. I get to miss traffic. Did you see it on the way here? Where you from?”
“On highway 80? I commute from Natomas.”
“Yeah. Nuts isn’t it.”

“Would you like some coffee?” She held up her thermos.
“Sure.” I got up to get a paper cup from the water dispenser. She used her thermos cap.
“Dessert,” she said while unwrapping the chocolate bar. “Nothing better than chocolate when I’m on my period.”
“Help yourself. Let me know if you want another one. My treat for a first day.” I hadn’t opened mine yet.
She took it and put it in her bag, “I’ll save this for viola class. Thanks. I’m Alice.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m John.”

Louis ended up not showing. He called me to let me know and told me I could stay and work anyway. “No big deal. Just paperwork you know? You’re hired already already anyway. I told Jimmy to show you around and give you the log-in information; just ask him if you need anything for today.”

Jimmy showed me around. There were three of us at night. The other guy was Steve but he stayed in his cubicle on the other side of the office most of the time. “Don’t mind him. He’s quiet, a nice guy though,” Jimmy said.
I went over to Steve’s cubicle and introduced myself.
“I’m John. I’m the new guy.”
He looked away from his screen, pushed his chair back and stood up. He shook my hand. “It’s nice to meet you. Let me know if you need anything.”

My desk was next to Jimmy’s. He spent equal time on Facebook and Dreamweaver.


“Hey, it’s you again. You’re here early,” Alice said.
She was wearing a long green vintage dress underneath a dark green and navy plaid blazer; she had a pair of Converses and a row of slim red bracelets along her forearm. They jangled when she put her arms on the table.
“Viola class today?” I said.
“Noooo…” She laughed. “I’ve got a date tonight. We’re going to see a show in midtown.”
“What’s the band?”
“Some local band.”
“Try me.”
“Have you heard of The Electro Group?”
“Hells yeah. I love them. I use to live at Tone Vendor and Claire Records.”
“No way. High five! High five!”

We were excited like little kids. It could have been the make up but I noticed she was prettier than yesterday.

“No way! You’re the first person I know, well at work anyway, whose heard of them.”
“Great. We can be coworkers for life.”
“Except we don’t really work together.”
“Well, we have the same boss. Where are they playing?”
“Right right. Old Ironsides.”
“I suddenly feel like taking sick leave.”
“No one’s stopping you.”
“I’m stopping myself. Hopefully they’ll still be there when I go on lunch at midnight.”


I showed up early again. I figure it was better that I showed up early for the first week. It was only Jimmy and I this time. He had just bought a ferret, which was illegal, for a pet. We talked about all the weird pets that people had on Youtube. Like deers and skunks.

165/365 – Embarassed!!

165/365 - Embarassed!!
So, I have a crazy story to tell… its funny, but embarassing to me! You might remember yesterday that I mentioned having neck pain. Well, what I did not mention was an incident that occured last night. I decided to warm up a heating pad (you know, like the kind that are filled with rice) in the microwave to put on my neck, only this pad was full of herbs and stuff (I guess for aroma therapy. It had a peppermint smell to it.) I had heated it up earlier and was going to heat it up again. Only this time it started to burn and smoke in the mircrowave!
The outside cloth totally burned and the insides were smoldering and about to catch fire! I had to get a spatula and get it out and into the sink. There was so much smoke and so Melissa and I opened some doors and got some fans going. The smoke cleared, but the smell lingered.
And today, I tried opening windows again to air the house out some more. Melissa went to her hair appointment today and told her hair stylist what happened and that her hair may smell like smoke. Well, the hair stylist said "actually, it kind of smells like marijuana". I thought, "oh no, that means our house smells like marijuana!! (I had no idea what marijuana smelled like!) So when I went home I spent even more time trying to get rid of the scent because I had piano students coming. I did the best that I could, but I had parents and visitors alike commenting on how it smelled like marijuana! I shared my story, but I was so embarrassed.
Later on this evening, I then find out that 4/20 (or 420) is known as a Pot Smokers Holiday!!! That timing couldn’t have been worse! The one day that my house smells like marijuana happens to be a holiday for pot smokers!! What was in the heat/aroma therapy pad wasn’t marijuana, but I guess it sure smelled like it once it burnt! 😦
So, I totally hope my students and coaching clients believed me when I shared my story and I hope I can get rid of the smell before my students come tomorrow! So that is my embarassing story!
microwave neck warmer

microwave neck warmer

Loving Hugs Heart Pillow
This Mother’s Day, give your mother a wonderful new experience – the well-being and comfort of a Loving Hugs Heart Pillow. The Heart Pillow is a heart-shaped plush velvet pillow, filled with a blend of natural herbs, cinnamon, cloves and eucalyptus which deliver an aroma and aura of serenity. It Heart Pillow offers healing therapy and treatment by increasing circulation, easing muscle tension and headaches, and providing relief for a host of localized discomforts. It can be heated in a clean microwave, or cooled in a plastic bag in a freezer. Machine washable in cold water, using the gentle cycle.